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Testimony: School Portrait


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 Oil Painting From A School Portrait
 School Portrait To A Beautiful Oil Painting


Thank you AnythingPaintedOnCanvas. This was my senior year and the most memorable and dynamic of all my high school years. Like most seniors, I had my portrait taken professionally, to be added to the yearbook. But portraits from studios are expensive! As a result, I only purchased two. Later....My father asked me to come over, simply saying that he had a present for me.

When I opened the box and unwrapped the paper, I was greeted with none other than my own face. I couldn't help but grin; the photo that I had liked so very much had been made into a gorgeous oil painting, several times the size of the two 4x6 I had paid for so much for (as I later discovered) for about the same price of my two photos I had a 20 x 24 hand painted oil portrait . The painting looked exactly like the picture, and some tiny flaws that I had expressed displeasure over had been seamlessly fixed. The color was brilliant, the detail was perfect and I was ecstatic about the painting.

Needless to say, this portrait made me a perfect graduation gift. Had I thought about it, I would have had smaller portraits made for my grandmother and other relatives. Since I received the first portrait, I've had another made of a prom picture and am planning on getting portraits made of my pets, as well as other portraits for my family and friends. I suggest it to anyone seeking thoughtful gifts or just looking for something special for themselves.

~Micha, Sacramento, CA~