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Graduation  Portraits - School Portraits

Turn your school portraits into a custom school portrait from photo

These school portraits are genuine hand painted oil paintings created by a very meticulous portrait artist in the field of fine art .

Are you looking for a very unique graduation gift or school portrait?

The high school senior portrait and school portraits should be about ready or soon to be. Why not include a genuine hand painted portrait from photo in this years school portraits? Hand Painted Oil Painting's Prices start at just $69 .

Cheerleading School Portraits

school photo portrait into oil painting
School portrait from photo Cheerleading
 Original school portrait into oil painting   School Portrait Oil Painting - Click to enlarge.

Uniique High School Graduation Gift

high school senior photo portrait into oil painting
High school senior portraits from photos
 Original High school senior portrait into oil painting  High School Senior Portrait Oil Painting - Click to enlarge.

This truly is a unique graduation gift!

Anything Painted On Canvas has developed an affordable solution to school portraits- Hand painted elementary through high school school and senior oil paintings. You will be amazed at the amount of detail that goes into one of our paintings. Why pay someone to edit a picture? Need the blemishes removed? We simply don't paint them in. How about braces, red eye, glasses, a crooked tie? You decide what you want done and we do it. Simple as that! We are so confident in the performance of our artists that each and every painting is backed by a 15 day In Home Trial. You dont like it! You don't pay!

Each school portrait is individually hand Painted by a very meticulous master artist in the field of fine art!