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Portrait Painting & Sketch Art Pricing

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 family portrait from photo  Child portrait painting from photo

Teen portraits from photos  Baby Portrait from photo

 Cat Portrait  horse portrait painting from photo

Dog Paintings
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Anything Painted On - Portrait Painting Process

Graphics First Paint Second.

You wouldn't build a home without a design. Why have a portrait done without knowing what it will ultimately look like.

camera icon Stage 1 Photos


Photos are combined by use of computer graphicsStage 2 Graphic Arts

Combine and Edit Photos

Painting Process - Cat Photo 1 Combine to make an Oil Painting
 Cat and Girl Photo 1 for combining photos for an oil painting  
Photos have been combined and edited to portrait orientation
 Cat and Girl Photo 2 for combining photos for an oil painting
 Cat and Girl Photo 2 for combining photos for an oil painting

Stage 3 Initial
Sketch Outlline

Stage 4 Initial
Painting Process

Stage 5 Initial
Painting Process

Stage 3 Artist Initial Sketch Outlline    
 Stage 6  Painting Completed, Framed & Ready To Ship.
Oil Painting Process

 The Oil Painting Process - Graphics First - Click To Enlarge