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Oil Painting of Children. Testimony From Mom

Children Portraits From Photos

 Children oil painting from a photo Oil Portrait from photo completed
 Photo into an oil painting Portrait From Photo
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Oil Painting Of Children, Testimony From Mom

IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!! It meets with my full approval! you have been a pleasure to work with on this, and I am sure my Husband will be more than thrilled when he sees it. I know that I am, can't wait to see it in person. Shelley
Shelley T.
Oil Painting Of Children, Testimony From Mom

Children Oil Painting From A Photo "Behind the Scenes"

Shelley first contacted us about putting some ideas together for an oil painting of her children. Shelley used our free image evaluation and sent us two photos hoping to somehow combine her children into one of her photos of an oil rig. Knowing that an artist paints what he sees. We here at needed to create some preliminary graphics 1st.  The 1st photograph was the photo of the oil rig. The 2nd photograph was a photo of her children out at the site. Unfortunately, the hat on her little girl on the left was cut out of the photo. Well I said to myself, this is too cute of a photo to pass up a good challenge for that perfect child oil portrait. This unique gift was sure to surprise Shelley's husband.  It was very important to Shelley for the hat to be "perfect" as this was from her husbands line of work and he would definitely know it if that hat was not exactly right.  Not knowing what the hat actually looked like did present some challenges as far as the preliminary graphics were concerned. We managed to pass a few thoughts and a few pieces of the hat together from other hat photos that Shelley was able to supply us. Finally we got the right hat created. We cut the old hat out of the child photo portrait and placed the new hat back in. With the new photo creation kept on a file it was now time to start working on the rig. The rig was off center and came in just over the little girls  head. (R side) Certainly with that one we could have just explained it to the artist and that would have been enough but Shelley also wanted to get a visual on how it was going to eventually look. After all, this oil painting of the children was going to be quite the surprise for her husband. To accomplish this we needed to do a little sky creating, We could have easily stretched the background but making the rig look less than perfect would have defeated our purpose. The photo was now nearly ready. Just one more little thing to do and that was to add a little transparency to the background so the main focus was that of the children and not the oil rig behind the children. "Perfect" and Shelley Agrees! Now lets get it off to the artist. 

This story is all to familiar to us because there is always a similar story. Sometimes we can feel the tears of happiness. Sometimes it is told through the person who actually receives the gift, but no matter what, each time it is a little different and each time it brings a sense of satisfaction knowing that we did something to help brighten someones day.  We honestly can't think of a better gift for someone you love, than an oil painting of someone you love. This is a personal and unique gift for anyone and for any occasion, a gift that words cannot really say.   Kindest Regards, Doug.....

PS Shelley also has a nice gift website. check it out.