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US Carrier Painting

US Carrier Painting

Military Portrait - Naval Portrait

Military Portrait - Naval Portrait
Military Portrait From Photo - Hand Painted Oil Painting
Hand Painted Military Portrait

Military Portrait From Photo

US Marine Corps Military Portrait Painting From Photo

Military Portrait Painting

Military Portrait Painting

Military Portrait From Photo - Military Marriage Portrait

Military Portrait Painting From Photo - Military Marriage Portrait

Fallen Soldier Memorial - Free Memorial Portrait To Family

Fallen Soldier Memorial - Free Painting Of The Month

If you have lost a loved one while serving our country in the past 10 years.

We would like to offer you our condolences. We cannot imagine the pain and sorrow you must be going through. We sincerely hope we can offer a little something for that special person to remember the one who gave all to help make this a better world. Please upload a quality image at check-out (You may click on the image to the right to get started). Please choose between Pencil Sketch, Color Pencil Sketch, or Charcoal Only.  Please include a short essay about the soldier,  the rank, service, cause of death, and date of death in the instruction area under comments. Please include an article link from the internet (prefer home town newspaper article) about the soldier. Please choose "upload only no dollar transaction" as a payment method during check-out. Each month we will honor one direct family member (wife, husband, daughter, son, mother or father), with a free 8x10  hand sketched portrait of the soldier who lost his/her life while protecting our country.  This is limited to one soldier. You do not need to be a family member to qualify. However, the shipping address must be verifiable as the parent. spouse or child of the fallen soldier. We cannot make any promises to who is awarded a sketch portrait. Please do not call and please limit your emails. If your photo and essay is accepted for the free portrait, we will contact you by email between the 1st and 5th of the month. Please do not contact us by phone. Our email address will be provided to you by email after check-out. This is subject to military in uniform electronic photos only. If you need to convert your hard copy photo to digital and email it to us later. You may scan or use the many local office stores that provide that service. Fedex, UPS to name a few. Please indicate full name and invoice number in the subject line.  Please ask to have the image scanned at 300 dpi.  The photo must be clear upon zooming in on facial features.  This free offer begins October 1st 2009 and will continue thereafter. This offer can be discontinued without notice.

Fallen Soldier In Memory Of Chad Groepper

In Memory Of Philip J. Diaferio

Military Portrait

Military Portrait - Oil Painting From Photo