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Original Hand Painted Horse Paintings: Horse Portraits from any Photo

We paint all types of horse paintings. Wild horse paintings, arabian horse paintings, white horse paintings, mustangs and race horses, and that's just to name a few. Our horse portrait artist loves his work and he is an expert in the field of fine art. Why settle for less! For about the same money as it costs to buy a reproduction, you can own the original. Allow us to create a custom horse oil painting for you from your supplied photo.

Horse Painting - Change Background To Winter

Horse Painting - Custom Oil Paintings

Horse Oil Painting Portrait From Your Photo

Horse portrait from portrait

Horse Photo - Horse Oil Painting
Horse Photo  Horse Painting From Photo - 100% Hand Painted 

Original Horse Photo - Now A Beautiful Horse Oil Painting

   Completed Horse Oil Painting - Made The Perfect Horse Lover Gift - Click To Enlarge

Horse Photo  Horse Portrait From Photo - 100% Hand Painted 
 Original Horse Photo
 Horse Oil Painting - Unique Horse Lover Gift - Click To Enlarge

Horse portrait painting from a photo

Horse Paintings: Horse Portraits Gaurantee

All our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We not only supply you with a digital photo of the completed custom hand painted horse portrait, but as well we offer you a 15 day satisfaction guarantee after you actually receive your horse portrait.

Horse Ranch Portrait - Oil Painting From Photo