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Home portrait from your photo
An oil painting of your home created from scratch using your supplied photo.
Each home portrait is created by a professional artist, using only the finest oils and canvas.
These paintings will quickly transform and show off your home to all who visit you.
Real Estate Closing Gift
Real Estate Agents - Your clients will never forget your creativeness and your personal attention that you have given as your clients open up this unique Real Estate Gift.
Unique House Warming Gift 
We have heard this one way too many times before. "By Far The Best Gift At The Party
Fast Service 
Our unique oil painting service is fast. In fact your home portrait can be ready for previewing in as little as 5 business days. Delivery to your door in just 3-5 business days after that.
We Are So Confident In Your Final Painting 
We offer you this. Only 20% deposit required. (pay the balance only after you are satisfied)
Plus a 15 day in home 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back. 

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Portrait Painting & Sketch Art Pricing

Painting Samples - click an image below!

 family portrait from photo  Child portrait painting from photo

Teen portraits from photos  Baby Portrait from photo

 Cat Portrait  horse portrait painting from photo

Dog Paintings
Random Sample Generator - 
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House Painting From Photo

Home Portrait - House Warming Gift - Real Estate Gift

Home Portrait - House Warming Gift

Original Home Portrait
Home Portrait From Photo
 Original House Photo Portrait - Click To Enlarge
 Home Portrait Painting - Click To Enlarge

Home Portrait - Real Estate Closing Gift

 Home Photo Portrait Into Home Portrait Painting Home Portrait
 Original Home Photo Portrait - Click To Enlarge  Home Portrait Painting - Real Estate Closing Gift - Click To Enlarge

home portrait from photo - Remembering the honeymoon

Home painting from photo - Real Estate closint gift

Unique House Warming Gift

Home Portrait

Unique Gift - Home Portrait From Photo

Home Oil Painting From Photo