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 family portrait from photo  Child portrait painting from photo

Teen portraits from photos  Baby Portrait from photo

 Cat Portrait  horse portrait painting from photo

Dog Paintings
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family photo into family portrait painting

Great Grandma's Gift - Family Portrait From Photo

family photo into family portrait painting

Mom portrait painting - Unique gift for mom

Unique gift for wife - Portrait from photo

Children Portrait From Photo

Children Oil Painting From A Photo

Family Portrait Painting

Family Portrait

Bride and groom gift - family painting

Unique gift for wife - Black & White Color Combo Conversio

Unique gift for wife

Family Portrait Painting From A Photo

 Unique birthday gift wife - Mother & Baby Painting Unique birthday gift wife - Mother & Baby Painting
 Mother and Baby Photo Portrait  Mother and Baby Oil Painting
 Family portrait - Family portrait painting  Family portrait to a Family portrait painting
 Mom and Kids Family Photo Family Photo is Now a Family Oil Painting
 Family portrait - family portrait painting - father and son  family portrait painting from a photo - father & son
 Father and Son Photo  Little Snapshot  is  Now A Family Oil Painting
 Family portrait - family portrait painting - Combining Photos  final family portrait painting from a photo - family painting
 Original Photos For Combining
Into An Oil Painting
 3 Photos Are Now A Family Oil Painting - Click To Enlarge

This Computer Graphic Editing Illustration Below Shows The Importance Of Graphics First - "Like A Road Map To An Artist" - Here We Show The Actual Graphics Created And Approved By Our Client Before The Actual Artist Receives The Entire Group Of Photos. The Photo (Above Right In The Decorative Frame)  Is A Photo Of The Actual Artwork Created By The Hand Of One Of Our Many Talented Artists.

Graphic Arts First

An artist creating a painting from a photograph in many ways is not any different than an artist painting from a live subject. Have you ever watched an artist paint a live subject? They always put the subject into the exact position for hours and hours while they capture the exact pose, expressions, lighting, etc. Why have an artist paint your photos into one painting without you seeing first hand exactly how the painting will ultimately look? What if the artist paints the child too big, or the man too small? Or the background is not what you really wanted? Or the child's arms are hanging in mid air or not even present? Having AnythingPaintedOnCanvas create your custom graphic first is just as or even more important than the artwork itself. If your photo is already perfect, then this may not make a difference to you. Or does it? Many times even the perfect photo may need to be formated to fit into the size painting you would like. Example: Your 4x6 photo is in actuality not going to fit into a 20x24 painting without editing. A 4 x 6 photo is actually a 20 inch x 30 inch format. Many times reformatting a photo requires the manipulation of the subjects. By editing the photo first you are guaranteed that your painting turns out perfectly centered and/or without important areas of the original photo left out of the painting. Our team of experts will reformat your photo (requires editing) and display the final results to you before the painting even begins.

Unique Christmas Gift For Husband

3 photos into one painting - family portrait from photo

Teen PortraitTruly a very unique gift for birthdays or special occasions. Hand Painted Oil Portraits of your teen son or daughter. People just love oil paintings of their loved ones. Oil Paintings On Canvas last a lifetime and beyond. Other mediums and photographs do not carry the same properties as oil and canvas and cannot stand up to the test of time, moisture, fading, and other conditions. This is the gift that truly lasts a lifetime.
Child PaintingChildren painting and from your photo - Create an entirely new look for your portrait wall. We take your photos of your children and create a beautiful hand painted child oil portrait Even if your photo is not perfect, out of focus or the background is not correct. We correct all that during the oil painting process. Never has it been easier in world history to have a child painting. No more sitting for hours and days while the artist paints your child.
Oil Paintings - Portraits from photosAnything Painted On Canvas - oil paintings from your favorite family photos. portraits from photos make unique gifts for your loved ones. Perfect for any special occasion.
Anything painted on canvas creates 100% hand painted oil paintings on canvas - Family portrait painting makes a great  Birthday gift for your wife or husband.  mother and baby portraits - father and son portraits - Family and Children paintings - All created from your photo