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Christian Painting
Christian Paintings And Portraits Of You Or Your Loved Ones. 
We Change Backgrounds. Just Let Us Know What You Would Like And Allow Our Artists To Create You An Unforgettable Portrait.
Christian Oil Paintings Make A Unique Christian Gift. Your Friends And Loved Ones  Will Never Forget The Thought That Went Into This.

Christian Painting From A Photo

 Christian Painting With Jesus - Graduation from medical school Christian Painting With Jesus - Graduation from medical school

 Photo Of A Medical School Graduate

 Christian Painting From A Photo

Now A Medical School Graduate With Jesus

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Christian Painting - Memorial Painting

Chritian Painting - Memorial Painting
 Baby Christening Gift  Christian Painting - Baby Christening
 Original Photo - Baby Christening
 Christian Painting - Baby Christening Gift
 Christian Painting - A Healing Took Place Christian Painting From Photo Of Healed Woman

 Photo Of A Christian Woman Who Was

Ever So Happy To Be Healed

 Christian Painting From A Photo Of A Woman

Who Has Been Healed Of A Disease




The painting arrived!!!  I love it.  My mom and dad liked it
so much that they asked me for your website because
they are going to ask you to paint something for them.            
I also want another picture painted. Right now I am
in a big hurry I'll write you later. Thank you.  I am in love.       

Yours Truly, Annette

Click To Read This Remarkable Miracle: The Healing of Annette Hanks        Click On This Image To Read Annette's Miracle

Article: Annette HanksMiracle healing of Annette Hanks. Annette is a customer of ours who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. This is her story of a miracle that took place in July of 2007.
Christian Painting - Unique Christian Gift - Christening Gift - Christian Portrait