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 family portrait from photo  Child portrait painting from photo

Teen portraits from photos  Baby Portrait from photo

 Cat Portrait  horse portrait painting from photo

Dog Paintings
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Cat Portrait Painting

Cat Portraits Make Great and Unique Gifts:

Cat paintings, kitten paintings, and portraits of kids and cats together all make wonderful gifts for those that love their little mysterious friends. Cat and kitten paintings are great for Birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, anniversary, wedding, corporate, etc.

Combining 3 Cat's Into an Oil Painting

Pet cat paintings
Cat photo  Cat Portrait From Photo - 100% Hand Painted 

Original 3 Photos For Combining Into Painting

   Unique Pet Cat Gift - Oil Painting - Click To Enlarge

Cat Painting - combining photos into a new background.

Cat Painting - combining photos into a new background.

Black Cat Portrait Painting

Cat Portrait - Painting from photo

The Sphynx - Hairless Cat - Cat Portrait

The Sphynx - Hairless Cat  - Cat Portrait From Photo
At owners request, we have edited several items in this photo prior to sending this to the artist. This includes eye color, tail curvature, shading and color tones of the cat.

"Pet Portrait Artist " Pet Cat Paintings

Cat Paintings - Kitten Paintings
Cat Portraits of Realistic Quality:

Our cat portrait artist is so talented that our completed cat portraits do actually look close enough to the original photo, to be a photo. It's not a photo. These are genuine hand painted cat portraits created by a master in the field of fine art. These are not cheap oil paintings created by amatuers, nor are these cat or kitten portraits created by a computer paint program (careful not to get the two confused). What you will recieve is a beautifully mastered custom oil painting of a cat or kitten portrait using your supplied photo. These are all 100% Original Hand Painted Cat and Kitten Paintings.