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Bird Oil Painting
Owl Portraits

Our Bird Artist Specializes In Bird
Oil Paintings From Photo.
Our bird artist can create a custom
oil portrait painting from photo for any
bird painting and art enthusiast.
Simply choose your photo, upload it to us
and in a few short weeks your custom oil
painting will be ready for display.

Makes a Unique Gift - Bird Portrait From a photo
A gift that will always be remembered.

Painted by hand -  Custom Bird portraits
Don't have a photo picked out.
No problem, send it to our email
or mail it to us later.
We also have gift certificates.

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Group combine - bird, dogs, cats in one painting
 All seperate photos combined into one painting. Two photos of the one cat combined to make her head face forward. Recreate the missing ear on the black dog. Recreate the woman's arms and hands so they are in the corrected position for this particular pose.  Please Click to Enlarge.