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Dog Portrait Painting

Dog Portrait Painting From Photo

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Mother and New Born Baby Portrait

Father, Mother, and Baby Portrait Painting

Combined Photos To A Custom Made Baby Painting

Baby and Older Brother Painting

Mother and Baby Portrait Painting

Baby Portrait

Combined Photos Into An Oil Painting

Father and Baby Portrait - Oil Painting

Original photo - hand painted into an oil painting
Twin baby portrait
 Original baby photo of twins Baby oil painting - hand painted by
a portrait artist.
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Father and Baby Photo - Original
 Father and Baby Portrait
 Father and Baby Photo - Original Father and Baby Portrait Painting
Click on the painting to enlarge
Thinking about the most unique and personal gift for your wife or loved one? Perhaps the happiest moment in one's life is this special day, and now for what could be the first time in a person's life there is an affordable solution for what was once too time consuming and too expensive. .  "A Baby Oil Painting"!  Photos fade. Oil portraits can last a lifetime and beyond.  Think about those photos that you may have in your photo inventory. Many of them have yellowed, faded, lost, or have been damaged in some way or another. Look at what history has taught us. There are oil paintings still around, even paintings that are over 1,000 years old . These unique gifts bring tears of happiness to those you love. We have heard it so many times before. Here at Anything Painted On Canvas, we are so confident that you will love your baby portrait that we offer you this. A 15 day In Home 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Or Your Money Back.
Send us your baby photo. Within as little as 5-6 business days we will email you the results. 3-5 business days later.....Your baby oil painting is at your door. Only 20% deposit to get started. You may upload your photo at checkout or send it later.

Baby Portrait Painting From Photo

Baby portrait from photo