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Portrait PaintingThe best of two worlds. Technology, and imagination brings new life to the portrait artist.
Corporate Portrait Painting
Oil Painting Photo Repair
Custom pet portrait from a photoBesides proper focus and zoom, these tips should not only help you get started with some basic photo editing techniques, but as well give you some wonderful insight about preparing your photos for an artist, and the perfect oil painting. This article focuses primarily around pet dogs, cats, kittens and children with pets. However, we think you will find this article very useful in many other circumstances.
Pet photography articles
Article: Custom Portraits
Article; Pet PortraitsThis article is about pets specifically regarding Pet Dog and Pet Cat Portraits. Includes information about pet memorial.
Canvas Painting ArticlePreparing a canvas painting, brief history of canvas, wooden stretcher bars, mid bars and cross bars to secure the canvas to a frame.
Portrait From Photo Background PreparationAs a service to our customers, we provide photo editing. This not only gives you the opportunity to view how your final painting will turn out but as well gives the artist an exact idea of what you are looking for in your completed masterpiece. We have provided a look into what goes into the preparation process for those who wish to change a background or edit the look of their photo.
Oil Painting HistoryThis article focuses around a brief history of oil painting mediums and the problems incurred with early oil developments. Dating back into Italy during the time of the Renaissance period, the use of many different types of oils brings us to linseed oil paints (The most common type medium used today).
Dog Portrait Painting ArticleHere you may see how we can actually give you a sample of what your painting will ultimately look like if you are changing the background. Once you have chosen and approved a background change we will then send it to the artist to paint your oil painting free hand and without the use of electronic devices. We offer this service free of charge to our customers as another extra bonus of doing business with Anything Painted On Canvas.
Portraits From PhotosThis articles talks about everything you always wanted to know about portrait painting, its diverse uses, how to avail the services of a skilled portrait painter etc. It also discusses ways to obtain exact replicas of a portraits from photos.
Christening GiftDescription: A child's Christening is one of those precious times in childhood that you want to remember forever. An oil painting makes the perfect Christening gift, and will be enjoyed by generations for many years to come.
Unique giftDescription: This article explains various reasons of why an oil painting portrait makes a personalized gift for someone you love. It describes the process that a portrait artist uses when making a painting, and why, if you are looking for a unique gift, this is a good choice.
Unique Christmas GiftChristmas time is upon us, and choosing the perfect Christmas gift for a loved one is of utmost importance. Oil paintings make a very unique gift because it comes from the heart.
wedding anniversary giftDeciding to give a portrait painting as a traditional wedding anniversary gift just makes sense. Find out why portraits are perfect for honoring a well-deserved couple in this article.
Personalized Gift For WifeGiving your wife a portrait for her birthday is a special way to say, "I love you." Find out just how easy it is to turn a photo into a painting, and how real the portrait will look.
Wedding portraitDo you love classic portraits instead of photographs? Then relive the magic of your wedding day with the help of a wedding portrait painted 100% by hand. Affordable, and fast service
Family portraitAll of us love our families and what better way to show them we care than by gifting them a family portrait beautifully hand painted over canvas? These make for great personalized gifts which are perfect for any season and time. Just send in a photo and in about 14 days your painting is ready.
The Art of PortraitureThe Art of Portraiture

Portraiture Is For Everyone

Thanks to the power of the camera it is possible for everyone to have an affordable hand painted oil portrait capturing that special moment in time with those you love. It only takes a photo. For that matter, 2 or more photos combined to make that special moment come alive.

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