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Wedding Portrait


A wedding portrait for the romantic in you!
 Portrait of that magic day- Will you marry me!


If you are considering a wedding gift idea then a portrait of the two of you can be perfect. Not only does it suggest warmth and a personal touch, a wedding portrait is also very classy! You can simply take a photograph of the two of you together and provide it to the artist. The artist will then recreate the same image on an oil painting. Then years later you can admire the astonishing beauty of the painting.


Romance and togetherness


Yes, weddings are all about happiness and warmth – besides the excitement of starting a new life together! Capture the elegance of your wedding day on a wedding portrait. You can easily avail the services of a professional portrait artist. Once you have captured the beautiful moment on an oil painting, it becomes a beautiful wedding gift to be cherished for posterity.

 Interesting ideas
 Original Wedding Photos

If you wish to present her with an unusual wedding gift, which will relive the memories, an oil painting is perfect! You could give her a gift of a wedding portrait of the two of you in your bridal finery. You can also give her  a gift of portrait which depicts the entire family together. That way, even when you’re away from home, you never need to feel lonely again!


Ignite the romance

If any of your friends or acquaintances are facing a tough time in their marriage, you can give them a gift of a wedding portrait. It is sure to bring back happy memories and make them forget their woes altogether! What’s more, the magic of the oil painting could even make them patch up their differences - for good!