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Article: Unique Gift - Oil Painting Portrait

Oil Painting Portrait: a unique gift for your loved one!

Oil painting has been around since the Renaissance age, and there is a reason that this method of painting has lasted for so many years. An oil painting portrait has the ability to make its subjects look lifelike. Thus, if done by a professional, you get a beautiful portrait every time.

A unique gift

If you have been searching and searching for the perfect gift for a loved one, an oil painting portrait is just what you need. Oil paintings are unique in that they can capture any subject with brilliance, boldness, and fine detail. An oil painting portrait makes a truly unique gift because you choose your subject and the portrait artist turns it into a work of art simply from a photograph.


 Stage 1 - The Sketch Oil Painting Process
 Final Painting

The process of a portrait

Oil painting is done using a technique whereby the artist draws their subject onto a white canvas. When you look at a portrait this way, you see no details, just big blocks of color. It is hard to imagine that your photograph will turn into anything worth giving as a gift. By the time layers are added and the portrait artist works his magic, it is said that most portraits turn out better than the original photograph.

Stage 2 portrait painting process
 stage 3 of the oil painting process

The perfect choice

If you want to give a loved one a personalized gift, an oil painting portrait is the perfect choice. Words will not be able to express the joy and surprise that you will give when you give a portrait. It is something that will be cherished for a lifetime, and probably passed down through generations. You simply cannot go wrong choosing a portrait made by a professional.

Time is of the essence

A professional portrait artist needs roughly two weeks or more to complete a beautiful painting. It is for that reason you must give yourself ample time to choose the photograph that you want painted. Then get it to the artist, so that it will be ready in time to give as a gift. Don't wait to make your decision. You know they are going to love it!

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