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Article: Unique Christmas Gift, An Oil Painting

Oil Paintings: a unique Christmas gift

Christmas shopping and finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list requires planning. You want to be sure to give your loved ones a
unique Christmas gift that tells them you put real thought into what you chose. Oil paintings are the solution you have been searching for.

 Christmas time thoughts:

Christmas is a time to give to others. It is a time that you share with your friends and family to celebrate the joys of the holiday.  When picking out gifts for your loved ones, you want to be sure that they know you were thinking about them.

Unique Christmas Gift

Oil paintings can make the most precious Christmas gifts to the dearest ones on your holiday list.

 unique Christmas gift - Children oil painting

Not so pricey portraits
If the idea of giving an oil painting as a
Christmas gift sounds pricey, it doesn't have to be. Of course, oil paintings are not recommended to take the place of Christmas cards. These are for the very special people on your list, like grandparents and special friends.  It is a worthwhile investment that brings memories back to life. You can't put a price on things that come from the heart.

Joyous gift-giving

It is said that it is better to give than receive. When you give a loved one an oil painting as a Christmas gift, you both feel the warmth of giving.  This is because a portrait artist has the ability to capture their subjects to the finest details.  An oil painting will be one of the most cherished gifts that anyone could receive.

Holiday memories

Giving an oil painting as a Christmas gift is easy. You simply supply the portrait artist with the photo you want replicated and they will turn it into a portrait within two weeks (or slightly more). Start creating a holiday memory now and give a gift that lasts a lifetime.

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