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 Portrait Painting: the traditional wedding anniversary gift

Celebrating a wedding anniversary is a joyous occasion. If you are planning for a wedding 25th or 50th anniversary party and want to present the couple in an honoring way, then a portrait painting of the happy couple is the right choice to make. It makes the perfect traditional wedding anniversary gift.

 Honoring a well-deserved couple
 50th wedding anniversary gift

What could be more special than presenting a couple who's been married for 25 or 50 years with a unique gift that captures their first day as a married couple. You simply give the portrait artist a photograph of the happy couple, and they will turn it into a masterpiece…a portrait that will be cherished forever. The couple will appreciate the thought that went into this gift as well.

 traditional 50th anniversary gift - oil painting


Traditional style
50th wedding anniversary gift

A portrait artist has the ability to turn a photograph into a traditional wedding anniversary gift. Whether it is a black-and-white or a colored photograph, the results will be stunning. A portrait artist has the ability to capture every detail to the finest points. 

unique 50th anniversary gift

A gift to cherish

A portrait painting says that you care. It is your way to capture a moment in time that you never want to forget. Many portrait paintings are passed down through generations, so family members who are not even born yet  will come to know how special the portrait painting is to the family. That is why a portrait painting makes a perfect traditional wedding anniversary gift.

The time is now

Portrait paintings look lifelike when they are done. They really hone in on their subjects to bring out the best in them. It takes an artist time to complete a painting, usually two weeks or more.  If you are planning on giving a portrait painting as a gift, make sure you give ample time to have the project completed. A portrait painting is not a last-minute gift idea.