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Portraits From Photos: A Reflection Of Life!

Article: Portraits From Photos: a reflection of life

Description: This article talks about everything you always wanted to know about portrait painting and its diverse uses.  It talks about how to avail the services of a skilled portrait painter,  etc. It also discusses ways to obtain exact replicas of  hand made portraits from photos.

Portraits From Photos: a reflection of life!

Have you ever stared at a portrait painting with awe and fascination? The use of colors, the texture of the painting and the life-like features of the person’s face have all made us wonder at the marvel and beauty of such portraits.


Commemorate an occasion

If you wish to capture a moment and set it on canvas, nothing works better than a portrait. You can get a fabulous portrait  made of your pet, your wedding or even your anniversary, 

Pet portrait
 Family or school photos. Relive your wedding day by hiring the services of a trained portrait painter. In fact, you will find  pet photos to combine into a painting
that once you create a portrait, you’ll want to get many more made. There’s something almost ethereal and out of this world about portrait paintings.

Exact replicas
Many of todays painters are highly experienced and skilled. In fact you will find plenty of websites who will offer you their services for a reasonable price. You can provide them with photos of any special event. These specialized painters will then create stunning replicas of the photos. In fact many times you will find that portraits from photos are actually better than the photograph itself! Many times the photo carries slight imperfections or may not be exactly what you were looking for. Wherever you purchase your painting, make sure they provide a service which includes preview-editing of your photograph. If you are changing a background, adding or deleting subjects into your painting, ask if you can see a preliminary digital rendition of the artwork to make sure you will be happy with the changes you are requesting. Not every painting company discloses how a painting is actually painted. Another quick note is to make sure the painting is actually painted by hand. Many painting companies actually print your photo onto a blank piece of canvas and then paint over the photograph. This is an easy way for an inexperienced artist to paint, but it is also much like painting by numbers. A painting that has been created by hand on a blank piece of canvas has lifetime qualities because the oil is applied to the actual surface of treated canvas and not over ink.

Gift for a loved one

Ever wanted a unique gift? Something that will remain in the hearts of those you love? Well, why not give them a gift of an oil  painting? Maybe it’s your friend’s wedding anniversary.

 Wedding Painting
You can give them a gift of a portrait painting of their wedding day. It is sure to touch their hearts and relive that magic moment! wedding photos

Home away from home

If you are staying away from your family, you’ll want to have a memento or something that helps you remember your family while you’re away. You can easily get a portrait from photo created and hang this painting on your living room wall! No more nostalgic moments now!

Author: Doug Ames

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