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Article; Pet Portraits

Article-Pet Portraits


Pet Dog Portrait
Pet Dog Portrait From A Photo

Pet Portraits

Pets: the most cherished and loyal members of our family. When we're sad, they are there to cheer us up.  They celebrate with us when we're happy and commiserate a bad day. They're pampered, spoiled and generally allowed to get away with things no human would dare, and get smiles instead of glares for it.

As such vital members of the family, pets deserve their place on the family portrait wall.  Photos taken of your beloved pet are handled carefully by our portrait artists and transformed into a beautiful oil painting.  This beautiful oil painting can be enjoyed and passed on for generations to come.

Perhaps you've caught your dog in mid leap, or chasing after a bird that has strayed into your yard.  Maybe you grabbed the camera just as your new puppy first discovered the swimming pool, or your kitten's first encounter with the fish tank. Perhaps your cat is found lounging in the house's one spot of sunlight in the most adorable position. These photos can now be taken, then hand painted by our pet artist onto canvas.  Each detail of the day put in lasting oil and presented for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

The death of a pet is a devastating experience that we humans unfortunately experience too often. Our portrait artists take a favorite photo of your precious friend and create a lovely memorial to stay with you long after your pet has passed on. Your pet memorial portrait captures your pet in his or her happiest moment, reminding you and all who loved them of how they were in life. These memorial portraits make perfect gifts for Christmas and Birthdays  They are the perfect pick-me-up for a bereaved owner.

At AnythingPaintedonCanvas, we take the highest degree of pride in being sure your treasured pet receives all the care and attention he/she deserves.


Origianal Pet Photograph Dog Portrait Memorial Painting From A Photo
 Original Photo
 In Loving Memory Of Dexter