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Article: Family Portrait

Family portrait - Show off your family in style - have them painted onto canvas


 Show him you care

Why not try something different? Give him a gift of an oil painting of himself.

Graduation Gift for mother

Your husband’s Birthday is coming up and you’re in a fix of what to buy him. You’ve given him all the usual things – cologne, shirts, etc. Well, why not try something unusual? You could give him a gift of an oil painting of him or his parents. It will make a great gift for husband. Plus by including his family in the family portrait, you show how much you care for his sentiments and feelings too. He will really appreciate the gesture you have made.

Gift Your Mother a gift

This Mother’s Day why not give a gift to the most important person in your life something unique? Yes, with an oil painting of your family, you can show her your love and affection. Plus it also portrays how much

thought has gone into selecting the gift. Such a family portrait will invoke feelings of nostalgia and happy memories in your Mother. Plus it is a great Mother's Day gift too, as it will help her reconnect with the family all over again.


                                                                                  What about Your anniversary?  Your

family portrait painting

anniversary is round the corner and you don’t know what gift to give her. Well, you could take the unusual route and give her a gift of a family portrait. It is sure to make for an excellent anniversary gift idea, especially since it celebrates your family. Such an oil painting is sure to bring back happy moments spent together with your family. It’s a great way to connect and rebond this anniversary. Spend happy times together while remembering all those good times spent with the family in the past.