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Dog Portrait Painting Background Article

1. Dog Photo Into A Dog Portrait Painting - Background Prep.

First Choose Your Photo And Send It To Us. We Will Remove The Subjects From Your Photo
Check Out Using Our Secure Server. Choose Your Photo And Send It To Us. We Will Remove The Subjects From Your Photo, If You Do Not Have A Background Picked Out, Please Tell Us In The Special Notes Section Provided To You At Check-Out, What Type Of Background You Are Interested In.

2. Choose A Background For Your Dog Or Pet Portrait

Choose a suggestion that we give you or send us a background
Once you have chosen a new background or have given us an idea of what type of background you are looking for, we will prepare the backgrounds for easy insertion of your Dog or Pet.

3. We Will Place Your Dog Or Pet Into The New Background.

3.We Will Place Your Dog Or Pet Into The New Background.
Once We Have The Backgrounds Chosen That You Like, We Will Insert The Subjects Into The New Background For You To Review.

4. We Will Give You Options At Your Request

Other Options For Your Pets Portrait.
Here Are Other Options That May Be Offered To You, So That You Can See A Different Perspective On The Placement Of The Subjects.

5. Instructions For The Artist.

Instructions For The Artist
In This Process Of The Portrait, We Send Detailed Instructions To The Artist Of The Original Photo, The Chosen Background, And An Idea For The Artist Of What The Final Painting Should Look Like.

6. The Final Oil Painting Of The Dog Portrait

The Final Painting Is Completed, Stretched And Then Framed
In This Diagram We Are Showing You The Final Painting That The Artist Has Painted By Free Hand And Without The Use Of Electronic Interference. We Will Email You A Copy OF The Completed Oil Painting And A Direct Link To Our Website For Viewing And Final Payment. If You Require Any Alterations We Will Make Those Adjustments At Your Request. If You Have Chosen A Frame, We Will Now Frame Your Painting And Air Ship You The Final Portrait Painting Under Either Our Standard Shipping Or Super Express Shipping (Available At Check-Out)

We Love To Hear Back From Our Customers.

Fantastic job on the dog's picture. My wife was floored. I will most certainly be using you in the future and refer you  to anyone that is looking for this type of product. Great job!