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Article: "Custom Portraits"

Custom Portraits from photo article

Custom Portraits and from photo:

 This photo was presented to us as a favorite photo to one of these girls, but she did not like the outfits they were wearing. She  presented us with a photo of them wearing nice formal dresses. We provided her with the answer. We simply "Painted The New Clothes In The Painting" and made a beautiful oil portrait that these two best friends will cherish forever.  Under care, a painting will last more than a lifetime. Photos become brittle, they fade and crack. Unless an oil painting is left in the sunlight or left uncared for, it should outlast your life. It can take 30 years for an oil painting to actually fully dry. (It's made from oil) This is just one of the reasons paintings have been around for many centuries and photos...well, I think you know the answer to that.  Photo To An Oil Painting
Painting From a Photo
 Here is the final oil painting created from the photo above. If you have a photo that you absolutely love, but there is something just not quite perfect in it. Send it to us. If you need to change your hair, take a stain off the shirt, whatever it might be.
We can create a new look from any combination of photos. Your oil painting portrait from photo or photos can be created with a new background, different color clothes or different clothes entirely, Need a new smile? Simple! Just supply in your order a photo of your beautiful smile and we will create a custom oil portrait painting  from  the photo that you will never forget. Your satisfaction is our number one goal! The biggest part of our business is from repeat buyers. Simply put, we want you to brag about our work.  This way you are compelled to tell your family, friends and coworkers all about your beautiful painting and where it came from.