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Article: Christening Gift

Oil painting and the perfect Christening gift

A christening marks the time in a child's life when they become part of the Christian family. You will want to remember this special day forever. An oil painting makes the perfect Christening gift to keep this cherished moment in your heart forever.


A special day in a child's life: A child is born and soon he or she will be christened. This is a special occasion that many families share with their extended family and friends. To commemorate this day, you will want to consider giving a portrait as a Christening gift. It will become an heirloom for many generations to enjoy.
 Christening Gift - baby painting with grandparents Even if your family member did not get a photo or they were not able to make it to this momentous occasion, an artist can easily put your baby into their loving arms. (As shown in the photo to the right and the painting to the left). Click on the images to enlarge. Christening photos - combine to make an oil painting

Why an oil painting

An oil painting is done by a professional portrait artist, who recognizes the importance of your child's christening. The artist knows that capturing your child's likeness is important to you. An oil painting is one of the best ways to bring out details that you would like to remember. Often times people comment that an oil painting looks more realistic than the actual photo used to create the portrait.

An instant heirloom

Generations will have the chance to celebrate your child's christening for years to come. Just looking at the portrait will make you want to tell stories about your child's christening. It will help bring back memories that otherwise may be lost in time. An oil painting will last throughout the years, and will never lose its brilliance. That is why it makes the perfect Christening gift.

A treasured child

Your child will not remember their christening day. You can save their christening gown and photos that were taken.  These will have a special place in your child's heart as they grow older.  An oil painting provides a much more vivid picture of how they actually looked on that special day. Don't you deserve this special momentum? Doesn't your child deserve it, too?


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